In the autumn of 1982, two families began meeting together as the church in Wichita. Like a redwood tree, we grew slowly as friends and neighbors joined us. At first we met in our homes, but as others received the Lord and began fellowshipping with us, we found it necessary to rent and remodel a small commercial space for our meetings.

Through door-to-door evangelism, laboring with students on the Wichita State University campus, and daily witnessing we soon outgrew our meeting place. The most urgent need was more space for the children, so in 1991 we purchased an ideal property with plenty of room to grow, ample space for the children, and an adjacent house for hospitality. Our hearts were warmed and encouraged by the abundance of financial assistance with we received from many other local churches at this time. After three months of weekend and late-night remodeling, which truly reflected the precious spiritual building also going on among us, we moved into our new facility with rejoicing.

Today we continue to enjoy the mutual shepherding in our sweet home meetings, which constitute a large portion of the church life here. This shepherding, along with our personal time with the Lord in the Word and in prayer, provides a rich supply for the weekly prayer, service, communion, and ministry meetings. In our meetings we practice the living functioning of all the members of the Body of Christ. The church receives much blessing from our gathering and fellowshipping with other local churches. His golden lampstand (Revelation 1:20) in Wichita, we stand as the testimony of Jesus shining forth His light and truth in this dark age, openly receiving all believers, and eagerly awaiting His coming.

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