Becoming a Man

When asked if I would put my testimony on the Internet, I jumped at the chance—not because I had anything special but because something real had changed me. I don't have one of those rags to riches stories or a “from the gutter-most to the uttermost” tales. I do have a real life experience of an average 44 year old man being helped, enlightened, guided, and encouraged in every way I can think of to turn, trust, experience, and enjoy the wonderful living person of Christ.

I was saved and baptized in a little denominational church in Arkansas in 1967. I began to meet with the believers in the local church and read and listen to Witness Lee and Watchman Nee in 1974. My honest, frank testimony of the ministry of Nee and Lee is one of highest respect and trust. Believe me when I say that every time I read their books and messages I am turned to love the Lord Jesus more.

Just as the ministry of Nee and Lee has helped me spiritually, so have the believers who meet and serve together in the church in Wichita. I have been meeting here in Wichita since January 1995. I have been encouraged many times to pray, read the Bible, speak to others about Jesus, and even have meetings in my home to help new believers. If that wasn't enough, the I also have been helped with my small business. Even, one believer who is a lawyer has helped me with taxes and other legal matters. There even have been some monetary gifts from the church right when I needed them most. The biggest gift that I have received is my wife. My wife was a single sister in the church in Wichita. Her brother introduced me to her and the rest is history. My mother-in-law likes me.

I may not be the smartest guy in the world nor the richest, but I’ve got a wonderful personal and family life as well as the local church. “Forest Gump” hasn't got a thing on me. He's got a box of chocolates, but I've got Christ and the church. They are making a real man out of me.

Gary Clark

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