New at 30

I was 29, lost, and new to Kansas. I had been engaged to a man who wanted to control me and my children. There was something in my life that needed to change. I took the chance to break up my engagement and accepted a job offer in Kansas. Start over is what my mind said, but still I felt lost. My mind was telling me to change and be strong for me and my kids.

Then out of the blue a nice handsome man came into my life and taught me how to change, to be strong for me. We talked and he showed me things about God I never knew. He taught me all these things and showed me where he learned them.

THE BIBLE. I felt different and strong, but this time my spirit was talking to me, instead of just my mind. All this time I thought my mind was telling me, but deep down it was my spirit. This man took me to a meeting and my spirit opened more. I felt a lot of love and warmth in that room and somehow I wanted what they had-THE LORD JESUS. So that night the Lord touched me and saved me. From that day on I've been nourishing myself and caring for my children with the Word of God. But most of all I married that nice handsome man who showed me the Lord and we are being nourishing together in the spirit with our new family.

I had to travel all the way to Kansas to find the man of my life. I wanted something Special and all I had to do was say the words “LORD JESUS!!”

Sophie Gonzales

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